Artisan Perfume Oils

Collection 001

For the first collection I questioned the idea of territory: how scent plays a role in marking or establishing territory in nature, and how we as individuals make our mark in the intimate space around us (what we wear or adorn our bodies with; how we decorate our space; our scent). How do we establish boundaries? How close is too close? What does home smell like & how do we get back there?

This collection is made up of six fragrances that are 100% PLANT-BASED, UNI-SEX, NON-TOXIC oils that have been traditionally used in meditation, healing, marking territory, anointing and some even possess aphrodisiac qualities. I focused on notes that are known to ground, clear, and calm to bring you and your space into an energy of harmony.

Plant-based, non-toxic and unisex

The Founder

Coyote Wild is an artisan unisex fragrance line made by Tori Bradely, a musician, DJ and conceptual artist raised in the southwest.